Step 3 - develop your strategy to deal with those risks

Now that you have looked closely at your business and assessed the risks involved, you now know which areas to concentrate on. You should also know what are the most likely emergency situations you will come across.


Questions you'll need to ask

  • What needs to be done? 
  • How do these 'actions' need to be done?
  • Who needs to perform these 'actions'? 
  • Why are these 'actions' needed?
  • Where should these 'actions' be performed - on site or at a different location?


You should have established what is important to the survival of your business and what the main risks are. Now you can write your business continuity plan. Try to ensure that your plan covers as many areas as possible and that it can be found by all the staff who will need to consult it.

Step 4 - develop your plan