Crimes that affect businesses

Crimestoppers wants you to tell them what you know about crimes affecting local businesses.

Crimestoppers logoMany urban and rural businesses have been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic - the requirements to close have made quite a few vulnerable to criminals. We don't want business owners to fall victim to crime in addition to dealing with the financial repercussions of Covid-19.


Crimestoppers are asking if you have seen anything crime-related on your high street? Perhaps it's unsettling you, maybe you know what you've seen is crime-related - or it could just seem suspicious. You can help prevent and solve crimes by speaking up about what you know.


How to report something

You can contact Crimestoppers and remember that you can remain anonymous - you'll not nee ed to give any of your personal details at all. 


Report it on the Crimestoppers website.


Or you can calling free anytime on 0800 55 111.


What to report

You should tell Crimestoppers about:

  • someone who has planned or is planning to commit a burglary against a business
  • planned break-ins - where and when
  • who's selling stolen goods, and where
  • large scale fly-tipping (such as lorries dumping rubbish) and hazardous waste 
  • suspected cannabis farms - find out how to spot the signs
  • firestarters and arsonists


Closed to crime Twitter card


About the campaign

The #ClosedtoCrime campaign is asking people to report what they know about crime against local businesses, from shops to company premises, factories to warehouses. They play a crucial role in the fabric of society - indeed, many staff in these businesses are now classed as key workers, providing essential services.

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