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Thinking of starting a business?

Join the award-winning Rebel Business School for information, inspiration and the practical help you need to get your business idea up and running.

Rebel Business School

The Rebel Business School is the UK's leading business course that shows you practical ways to run a business, regardless of where you're at on your journey. If you are already established, they will cover how to adapt and be more resilient during times of change. If you are a beginner, they'll show you the basics to get started.


Adam Roe - a user of the Rebel Business SchoolAbout the course

The course is now available as a series of specially curated free videos available on demand for Uttlesford residents to enjoy 24/7.


Zoe Chapman, owner of Kiddiwhizz - "2020 was looking like a write-off, but within days of attending the Rebel course, I'd utilised all the hard work I'd previously done and took a leap of faith. Within a month, I was holding my product and had formed a company with a clear vision."


Adam Roe, founder of the Craft Box Club - "Without Rebel I'd never have the confidence to start a business. It was something for other people with huge ideas and stacks of cash. Rebel changed my mind and helped me get going."


Simon Paine, Rebel Business School co-founder and CEO says "There's nothing better than meeting someone with no business experience and guiding them through their first sale - it can transform lives. You don't need money, experience or a university degree to start a business. You just need an idea, some passion and a bit of help."


How to join

Sign up online and let The Rebel Business School show you how to build and run a business without getting into debt.



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