Conservation area appraisals

The district council has been drawing up a programme of Conservation Areas Appraisals in Uttlesford.

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The aim is to investigate the best way to protect our heritage in a time of increasing pressures.

Each appraisal examined the qualities of the area and identified potential changes that are positive and others that may be damaging. The existing boundaries of the conservation areas have been reviewed and suggestions for adjustments made. Management proposals have been put forward which, for example, have included a range of appropriate environmental and highway improvements.

The end product is an illustrated document, which following consultation and adoption, will now be used as a planning tool to secure environment improvements and to protect the qualities of the area through the Development Control process.

All of the Conservation Areas in the district have now been surveyed. The approved reports and maps of the boundaries can be found below. 

Walden Castle, Saffron Walden

The Conservation Area Appraisal for 2012 proposed management actions for the conservation of Walden Castle in Saffron Walden. To find out more about the proposals:

To read about the progress of other management actions visit the Conservation Area Appraisal Management Actions webpage.

A map of any Conservation Area as now designated may be inspected free of charge together with associated documents during normal office hours at: The Planning Help Desk, Uttlesford District Council, London Road, Saffron Walden CB11 4ER or via the links below.

Approved Conservation Area Appraisals

Approved boundary maps

Conservation Area Appraisals have been approved for all of the settlements listed below:You can view maps of the revised boundaries of reviewed conservation areas below:
Icon for pdf Arkesden [2.92MB]Icon for pdf Arkesden [1.02MB]
Icon for pdf Ashdon [3.42MB]Icon for pdf Ashdon [282.85KB]
Icon for pdf Audley End [4.25MB]Icon for pdf Audley End [214.83KB]
Icon for pdf Bentfield Green [3.26MB]Icon for pdf Bentfield Green [179.32KB] (Note: No revisions were made)
Icon for pdf Clavering [3.17MB]Icon for pdf Clavering [328.27KB]
Icon for pdf Elmdon [2.69MB]Icon for pdf Elmdon [255.35KB]
Icon for pdf Felsted [3.71MB]Icon for pdf Felsted [296.19KB]
Icon for pdf Great Canfield [2.33MB]Icon for pdf Great Canfield [705.0KB]
Icon for pdf Great Chesterford [5.91MB]Icon for pdf Great Chesterford [439.91KB]
Icon for pdf Great Dunmow [3.27MB]Icon for pdf Great Dunmow [948KB]
Icon for pdf Great Easton [2.23MB]Icon for pdf Great Easton [190.33KB]
Icon for pdf Great Hallingbury [2.47MB]Icon for pdf Great Hallingbury [413.16KB]  (Note: No revisions were made)
Icon for pdf Great Sampford [2.69MB]Icon for pdf Great Sampford [134.51KB]
Icon for pdf Hadstock [3.69MB]Icon for pdf Hadstock [250.27KB]
Icon for pdf Hatfield Broad Oak [4.31MB]Icon for pdf Hatfield Broad Oak [221.95KB]
Icon for pdf Hazel End [9.85MB]Icon for pdf Hazel End [100.03KB]
Icon for pdf Hempstead [2.54MB]Icon for pdf Hempstead [167.56KB]
Icon for pdf Henham [3.47MB]Icon for pdf Henham [727.13KB]
Icon for pdf High Easter [3.7MB]Icon for pdf High Easter [180.89KB]
Icon for pdf High Roding [2.05MB]Icon for pdf High Roding [272.73KB]
Icon for pdf Littlebury [3.85MB]Icon for pdf Littlebury [451.65KB]
Icon for pdf Little Dunmow [3.01MB]Icon for pdf Little Dunmow [408.32KB]  (Note: No revisions were made)
Icon for pdf Little Easton [3.03MB]Icon for pdf Little Easton [119.81KB]
Icon for pdf Manuden [4.24MB]Icon for pdf Manuden [479.02KB]
Icon for pdf Newport [3.54MB]Icon for pdf Newport [481.87KB]
Icon for pdf Quendon and Rickling [4.81MB]Icon for pdf Quendon and Rickling [227.91KB]
Icon for pdf Radwinter [3.15MB]Icon for pdf Radwinter [1.01MB]  (Note: No revisions were made)
Icon for pdf Saffron Walden [7.24MB]Icon for pdf Saffron Walden [3.86MB]
Icon for pdf Stansted Mountfitchet [4.62MB]Icon for pdf Stansted Mountfitchet [196.7KB]
Icon for pdf Stebbing [2.4MB]Icon for pdf Stebbing [262.12KB]
Icon for pdf Thaxted [5.32MB]Icon for pdf Thaxted [454.87KB]
Icon for pdf Wendens Ambo [2.88MB]Icon for pdf Wendens Ambo [559.25KB]
Icon for pdf Widdington [2.24MB]Icon for pdf Widdington [748.38KB] (Note: No revisions were made)