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Community governance review 2018

The Council is undertaking a community governance review of parish boundaries and electoral arrangements in relation to the parishes of Little Easton, Great Dunmow North ward of Great Dunmow, and Aythorpe Roding.

What is a community governance review?

A community governance review is a review of parish boundaries or electoral arrangements. It is an opportunity to ensure that community governance arrangements reflect, or continue to reflect, local identities and interests and facilitate effective and convenient local government. Uttlesford District Council is conducting this review in response to requests received from the parish councils specified below.

The consultation will be publicised here and representations will be invited from:

  • The public and parish councils within the areas of the parishes of Little Easton, Great Dunmow North ward of Great Dunmow, and Aythorpe Roding
  • District ward councillors for Thaxted & The Eastons, Great Dunmow North, Great Dunmow South & Barnston and High Easter & The Rodings
  • County Councillors for the county divisions of Dunmow and Thaxted
  • Essex County Council
  • Essex Association of Local Councils
  • Any relevant local residents' associations identified

What are the proposals?

The proposals are as requested by the following parishes, and are set out in the terms of reference:

  • The parishes of Little Easton and Great Dunmow North ward of Great Dunmow have requested a parish boundary adjustment to a section of their shared border so that the area referred to as "sector 4", part of the Woodland Park development (shown for the purposes of this consultation only as shaded brown on pdf icon the map [216kb]) is transferred from Little Easton to Great Dunmow North ward
  • The parish of Aythorpe Roding has requested that the number of parish councillors be increased, from five, to six or seven

What are the terms of reference?

The terms of reference of the review being undertaken are:

1. To review whether the community governance for the specified area under review, described at paragraph 2 below, and identified on the accompanying map, reflects the identities and interests of the local community in that area, and whether it is effective and convenient. The area of focus of the review will primarily be whether the area of the existing parishes of Little Easton and Great Dunmow North ward should be altered, and to make recommendations as to related alterations to the boundaries of the District Council's electoral areas, and the County electoral divisions. Consideration will be given to whether to modify the parish boundary so that the area would instead be situated in the Great Dunmow North ward of the parish of Great Dunmow.

2. The specific area for the consideration of a boundary review is the development known as Sector 4 at the Woodlands Park development at Great Dunmow which is located in the parish of Little Easton, and shown in brown on the attached map (the parish boundary being marked in green).

3. To consider the governance of altered parishes, having regard to the need for community governance within the area under review to reflect the identities and interests of the community of that area to ensure the governance is effective and convenient.

4. To consider parish warding.

5. To consider ward and electoral division boundary changes consequential upon any parish boundary change made, as a matter then to be referred to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

6. To consider electoral arrangements in the parish of Aythorpe Roding.

How can I participate in the consultation?

To submit your comments or representations to this consultation, you may either:

Email: Rebecca Dobson on

Or write to: The Democratic and Electoral Services Manager, Uttlesford District Council, Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden CB11 4ER

Please note the dates by which the consultation stages close, shown in the timetable below.

The consultation timetable, which starts on Monday 30 July 2018, provides the opportunity to make representations on the proposals. The timetable is set out below.

Community governance review timetable




Initial report to Governance, Audit and Performance Committee

Agreement of terms of reference and timetable to start review

26 July 2018


Publication of terms of reference and timetable

30 July 2018

Stage 1 consultation

Initial submissions invited

30 July - 31 August 2018

Consideration of submissions received

Representations to be collated and investigated; recommendations to committee to be prepared

3 September - 21 September 2018

Further report to Governance, Audit and Performance Committee

Agreement on recommendations

9 October 2018 (extraordinary meeting before Council)

Stage 2 consultation

Publication of recommendations for further representations to be received on such recommendations.

15 October - 26 October 2018

Decision of Committee

Agreement on recommendations for implementation on 1 December 2018.

15 November 2018

Order made

Publication of order and request made to Local Government Boundary Commission for consequential order to district ward boundaries if any affected.

16 November 2018

Implementation of changes to district ward and county electoral division boundaries (this stage is not part of the community governance review), as it would be within the remit of the the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE)

Consequential changes order to be made by Boundary Commission

To be notified by the LGBCE


* Dates may alter due to matters requiring direct consultation or research resulting from submissions. Any such alteration of the timetable will be authorised by the Governance, Audit and Performance Committee and notification published of any alteration of date or extension of the timetable.


Additional information

pdf icon Woodlands Park Sector 4, Great Dunmow parish boundaries [216kb]