Council, Cabinet and Committee meetings

Find out about the various committees and individuals who represent you on the council including who sits on which committees, any decisions or declarations that have been made and examine agendas and minutes of meetings.

You may also access agendas and minutes from previous years, by clicking on the date links at the bottom of this page.

Meetings 2019/20

Interactive calendar of meetings

Find dates of all upcoming council and associated body meetings

Notices of Key Decisions

Details of key decisions that are planned to be made or have been made by the council's decision making bodies, such as Cabinet.

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Search for documents from council and associated body meetings relating to any particular issue you may be interested in.

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We live audiocast many of our Full Council, Cabinet and Planning Committee meetings and also those meetings we think will be of particular public interest. You can listen by using the audio bars in the relevant meeting pages.

Who sits on which committee

Find who sits on each of the council's committees, the purpose the committees and information about the members who attend these meetings.

Council, Cabinet and committee meetings

Below is a list of all our meetings. Use the links to view any meeting from cabinet or any committee along with the agenda, minutes and reports.





Committees of the Council

Governance, Audit and Performance Committee

Licensing and Environmental Health Committee

Planning Committee

Scrutiny Committee

Standards Committee

Cabinet Committees

Assets of Community Value and Local Heritage List Committee

Voluntary Support Grant Committee

Cabinet Working Groups

Community Achievement Panel

Highways Panel

Housing Board

Museum Management Working Group

Planning Policy Working Group

Refugee Working Group

Stansted Airport Advisory Panel

Waste Strategy Panel

Council Working Groups

Public Engagement Working Group

Joint Committees

Essex Police and Crime Panel

North Essex Parking Partnership

West Essex Wellbeing Joint Committee