Regulation 19 Pre-submission Local Plan

Find out about the Pre-submission Local Plan for Uttlesford.

Description of the Plan

The new Uttlesford Local Plan will be part of the statutory planning framework for the District to 2033 guiding decisions on all aspects of development.  The new Local Plan will set out how and where new homes, jobs, services and infrastructure will be delivered and the type of places and environment that will be created.

► Addendum of Focussed Changes to the Regulation 19 Local Plan

The Regulation 19 Pre-submission Local Plan - read the document and see the comments made in the summer consultation

► Sustainability Appraisal (SA) for the Uttlesford District Council Local Plan

Background documents supporting the Local Plan

Important dates for the Local Plan

Additional information

► Planning Policy Working group 31 May 2018 | ► Cabinet 12 June 2018 | ► Council 19 June 2018 | ► Council 9 October 2018