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Food Sampling

Sampling Policy for the Microbiological Examination of Food

Microbiological food sampling makes an important contribution to the protection of public health and food law enforcement functions of Uttlesford District Council.

It is used as part of a planned approach to gather information about the microbiological quality and possible presence of harmful micro-organisms in particular foods which are produced and/or sold/used locally. Based on this information appropriate action can be taken to protect the consumer.

Food authorities such as Uttlesford District Council are required to prepare and publish a sampling policy and make it available to businesses and consumers.

► Read the Council's Food Sampling Policy

This policy sets out this authority's general approach to food sampling and its approach to specific situations.

In addition, Uttlesford District Council is required to prepare a sampling programme that details this authority's intended food sampling priorities.

This policy and programme have been prepared in consultation with the food examiner/public analyst via the local food liaison group as required by Code of Practice No. 7. Local businesses/business groups have also been consulted on the policy as suggested by Local Authorities Co-ordinating Body on Food and Trading Standards (LACOTS).

The sampling policy will be reviewed by consultation annually, and the sampling programme also determined on an annual basis.

Uttlesford District Council's sampling policy and programme has been prepared with due regard to the guidance provided in the Food Safety Act 1990: Code of Practice No. 7 (revised October 2000) and LACOTS Guidance on Food Sampling for Microbiological Examination (January 2002).

A leaflet summarising the food sampling policy will be made available to all food business stakeholders and the public.

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