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Casual election staff

Helping voters to cast their votes and ensuring that election day runs smoothly.

We are looking for people to work as canvas staff, poll clerks and presiding officers and to help with counting votes. If you are interested in becoming involved we would love to hear from you.

How to apply

General requirements for election or canvassing staff

Canvass staff

Election based jobs

Polling station staff

Counting staff


How to apply

You can apply for any of our election jobs by using our online form.

I'm interested in one of these jobs

General requirements

If you undertake election or canvassing duties you must:

Polling and count staff must not work on behalf of a candidate or political party during an election campaign, nor be related to a prospective candidate.

All staff will be required to sign their agreement to maintain the secrecy of the poll.

Right to work

If you are not an employee of this council and have not worked for us at previous elections, you will need to submit ID documents to prove your eligibility to work in the UK.  This means you should please bring with you a passport or full birth certificate to our reception in Saffron Walden where a copy will be taken for our records. For further information please refer to our Right to Work checklist (PDF) [107KB] .

You can also use our online form to upload your documents, including scans or photographs.

We can arrange for you to show us your proof of identity via a video call.  To arrange this email us at otherwise we need to see the original document before you take up any paid employment with us.

If you are NOT an employee of Uttlesford District Council and are offered an appointment you MUST complete our online employee starter form.

Alternatively, you can complete an editable PDF of the Election Employee Details/Tax form (PDF) [390KB]  and email to or send to:

HR Services
Uttlesford District Council
Council Offices
London road
Saffron Walden
CB11 4ER

Canvass staff

Every summer and autumn we employ canvassers to make personal visits to properties where the occupants have not responded to the annual canvass form.  This is to ensure that the information on the electoral register is as accurate and up to date as possible.

What we'll pay

We'll pay you £11.35 an hour.

What else you'll get

Reasonable mileage expenses

Election based jobs

Appointments are directly for the Returning Officer and not the council and as such the council's normal recruitment policies and procedures do not apply for these temporary posts.

We often have more applications than vacancies and we make it clear that if someone is not initially allocated for a post then they are added to our reserve list as we often have a number of initially allocated staff drop out for various reasons.

We then call people on our reserve list as appropriate vacancies arise. We do use a number of our own staff in the first instance and supplement this with additional staff from outside who we hold on our database of temporary staff. We then consider the person's experience; availability; preferences; where they live or whether they have access to a car and are prepared to travel.

Whilst we will follow the principles of equality of opportunity and good employment practices, the Returning Officer's decision on individual appointments is final and we will not normally notify unsuccessful applicants or enter in to correspondence regarding unsuccessful applications.

If you earn more than £833.00 working for the Returning Officer or Electoral Registration in any casual electoral appointments you may be entitled to qualify for pension contributions to a NEST scheme.  However, all appointments are for a short specific time limited event and we finish employees with a P45 or P60.  For further information please contact Electoral Services.

Polling station staff

Are you interested in helping to run elections in the Uttlesford District? We are looking for people to help run our polling stations or assisting in the counting of votes.

Polling station staff are responsible for the conduct of the ballot in each polling station.  There will be a Presiding Officer  and at least one Poll Clerk at each station. On election day polling station staff are required to work from around 6am until after 10pm without leaving the polling station. You will also be required to attend a mandatory training session.

You must have been a Poll Clerk at least once before in order to be considered for the post of Presiding Officer.

What we'll pay

Rates of pay vary between different polls. As a Poll Clerk you will be paid around £11 per hour and as a Presiding Officer you'll get around £16 per hour. We'll tell you what the actual rates are when you are appointed.

Poll Clerk job description (PDF) [216KB]

Presiding Officer job description (PDF) [222KB]

Counting staff

Counting staff are employed to count the votes either overnight following the election or the day after.  This role requires high levels of concentration and accuracy.

What we'll pay

Rates of pay vary depending on the role and the type of election.

Counting staff job description (PDF) [42KB]

If you are interested in any of these jobs we have a short form for you to fill in. Just complete it and we'll get back to you.

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