Member of the Independent Remuneration Panel

We are looking for someone to join our Independent Remuneration Panel.


About the job

One of the members is approaching the end of their four year term creating a vacancy to be filled in April 2020.  However, the next review of allowances will commence in December, creating an opportunity for a 'shadow' member to join then and learn from the existing Panel. The successful applicant will be asked to shadow the Panel as they carry out this review, in order to gain the necessary experience, with a view to appointment as a full member of the Panel in April 2020.


The term of the full appointment will be for four years. 


You will be paid £260.13 per annum pro rata when shadowing the role (December 2019 - March 2020). This will rise to £520.25 per annum when you are appointed as a full member of the Panel in April 2020.


How to apply

If you are interested in joining the panel we have a short form for you to fill in. Just complete it and we'll get back to you.


I'm interested in joining the panel


The closing date for the receipt of expressions of interest is 30 September 2019.


What is the panel for?

The  Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) looks at the duties and responsibilities of our councillors and makes recommendations on the level of allowances it believes they should get. 


Any recommendations made by the panel should take into account government guidelines and the level of allowances paid to councillors in similar size councils.


What do panel members do?

Members of the IRP have a number of duties:


  • To give the council advice on the payment of allowances and expenses to elected councillors and certain categories of co-opted members such as independent members of the Standards Committee.



  • To attend and participate in up to six meetings of the panel a year in order to meet the above objectives.


  • To attend occasional meetings of the Council, Cabinet and committees and to interview Cabinet and other senior councillors as necessary to perform the duties of a panel member.


  • To conduct any necessary research and undertake training required as part of the duties of a panel member.


  • To act as chairman of the panel on a rotational basis.


  • To assist in the preparation and presentation of the panel's report to the council in each year.


  • To participate in the consideration of any questions that may arise about the content of the scheme during the year and in any interim review that may be requested by the council.


Further information

For further information, please contact Ben Ferguson, Principal Democratic Services Officer on 01799 510548, or at or Alistair Bochel on 01799 510433, or at