Garden waste

Find out ways to recycle your garden waste.

You can compost you garden waste yourself, take it to your local recycling centre or you can join our garden waste bin service.

Our garden waste bin service

Having one of our garden waste bins is an easy way to get rid of any garden rubbish that you can not compost.

When your bin will be collected

Put your bin out on your collection day and we will come and empty it.

Collection days

Your green garden waste bin is collected fortnightly. Your garden waste collection day may differ from your regular collection day so please check your letter for your collection day. Please make sure that the bin is at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day.

Not sure when your collection day is

We collect bins in the north of the district and the south of the district on different weeks.

If you want to check when your collection will be - whether your property is in the 'north' or 'south' week for collections - you can contact us.

Email or telephone 01799 510510.

Collections 2022-23

You can see all of the collection dates from May 2022 through to May 2023 on our garden waste bin collection calendar 2022-23 (PDF) [967KB] .

How to apply for the garden waste bin collection service

You can join as a new customer of the service, renew your subscription and order a new or replacement garden waste bin.

This will cover you for all collections up to 31 May 2023.

Renew your subscription

If you already use the service we'll be sending out a renewal letter to you shortly. The letter will have full details on how you can sign up and pay for collections from 2022 through to May 2023.

Renew your subscription

New customer subscription

You can sign up for the garden waste service.

Sign up now

Order additional bins

You can order extra bins if you think that you'll need to dispose of additional garden waste.

Order additional bins

Garden waste weekend skip collection service

The garden waste weekend skip service collects from different locations around the district.

If you cannot easily get to the Recycling Centre for Household Waste, some parish councils have asked us to provide weekend drop-off points for garden waste.


Composting at home is a quick, easy and cost-effective method of clearing away garden waste and making a free supply of compost to use in your garden. Whether it's vegetable peelings and eggshells from the kitchen, compostable products, shredded paper or the cuttings from the lawnmower, simply throw it in your compost bin and it will gradually break down to produce environmentally-friendly compost.

We've  teamed up with Essex County Council and Recycle Now to offer you the opportunity to buy home composting bins, which are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic, at bargain prices. 

Garden waste tips and ideas 

If you have too much garden waste, here are some ideas on what to do:

  • add garden waste to your home composter or ask your neighbour about adding it to theirs
  • use grass cuttings as mulch
  • cut up and compact your garden cuttings and clipping as much as possible to reduce the volume and help store your garden waste
  • hold off on some or all of your gardening tasks and wait for a visit by our garden waste weekend skip service
  • you can also take garden waste to your local recycling centre

Love Essex has more advice, including some easy to follow instructions on making your own compost bin.