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Garden Waste Service

The garden waste collection service is a subscription-based kerbside garden waste collection service.

How to get the garden waste service

This service is for Uttlesford residents only and will cost £40 for 2017. Please note that people in receipt of council-administered benefits will be entitled to a 25 per cent discount on this charge.

New customers will normally be required to pay £20 for a new Garden Waste bin.

You can apply for a continuation of your service or, if you are a new customer, to register for the Garden Waste Collection Service during 2017.

Complete an online form to request a continuation of your service or, if you are a new customer, to register for the garden waste collection service.

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How to use the service

Please put the garden waste loose into the bin as plastic bags cannot be taken. If plastic bags are found in your bin, it will not be emptied. Information regarding what can be put in the garden waste bin and those items that you should avoid can be found in the leaflet pdf icon 'Your Guide to Garden Waste Collection' [413kb]. For any other enquiries please contact us using the number at the bottom of this page.

Collection Days

Your green garden waste bin is collected fortnightly. Your garden waste collection day may differ from your regular collection day so please check your letter for your collection day and week (this will tell you if you are on the collection round for either week 1 or week 2). Please make sure that the bin is at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day.


pdf icon Garden Waste Collection Calendar week 1 from 1 April 2017 [151kb]

pdf icon Garden Waste Collection Calendar week 2 from 1 April 2017 [151kb]

Please do not overfill the bin. If garden waste is too compacted it will stick in the bin and this may result in damage when emptying the bin. Placing twigs or dry leaves at the bottom of the bin will help stop the garden waste from sticking in the bin. Excess garden waste placed beside or on top of the bin will not be taken. The bin lid must be closed and all garden waste contained within the bin.

If you need more than one bin to handle your garden waste, please contact us via email to to order another (the annual fee will apply plus a one-off bin charge).


Contact us

If you have any queries which are not covered by the information above, please email or telephone 01799 510510 and we will do our best to answer.