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Green Recycling Bin

Your green-lidded bin is collected fortnightly. Please make sure it is at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day.

The range of items that can now go in the green-lidded bin has increased. Glass bottles and jars can be put in the bin, meaning no more trips to the bottle bank. Please note that glass MUST go in the bin itself - any glass left in a separate container alongside the bin will NOT be collected. Non-glass items can still be left alongside the bin in plastic bags (not black bin bags) or cardboard boxes. 

Please don't put food waste, garden waste, paint or disposable nappies in the green-lidded bin. If you have excess recyclables please place these in carrier bags, clear or white bin liners or cardboard boxes beside your bin.  We are unable to accept black bags with the recyclables collections. A full list of what can go in your bin is available in the tables below. We have also produced this information on two checksheets that you can download and print. 

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