Halloween safety

How to keep safe when out trick or treating and remember to consider elderly or vulnerable people.

Are you a safe trick or treater thumbnailIf you're going trick or treating for Halloween please be responsible and consider elderly or vulnerable people.

Staying safe

Essex Police have put together some guidance on how to stay safe when you are out rick or treating. They are advising:

  • try to stay in areas that are lit with streetlights. Take a torch with you, just in case
  • although Halloween is supposed to be spooky, be careful not to frighten elderly people
  • don't enter any house, stay on the doorstep
  • only go to houses where you, or your friends, know the residents
  • always go trick or treating with an adult
  • always look carefully before crossing the road, even if you are part of a group
  • be visible
  • stay with your friends. Don't spilt into smaller groups unless an adult goes with you
  • don't knock on doors where there is a sign saying 'No trick or treat here'
  • don't talk to strangers on the street

Why not pre-arrange visits to neighbours and friends?


If you don't want to be disturbed

If you don't want people knocking on your door, you can .