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Local Heritage List

Find out about the new Local Heritage List for Uttlesford.

Local Heritage List public consultation

The consultation on the draft of the first issues of the Uttlesford Local Heritage List is now closed. But nominations are open for the second issue. Find out how you can nominate a building or structure below.

The Local Heritage List explained

The Local Heritage List is a list of structures which are considered to be locally significant to the character and distinctiveness of the area. They are different from those identified by Historic England and included on the National Heritage List, which are considered to be of national importance. The buildings and other structures that are included in the Local Heritage List will be those that make a positive contribution to the character of the district. These could include structures using traditional local materials which form part of an important grouping of buildings. They could form a local landmark or they may be associated with a particular person or historic event. Even particularly distinctive local structures, such as signposts or notable walls could be considered for inclusion on the Local Heritage List.

Local listing does not have the power of statutory designation. The inclusion of a building or structure on the Local Heritage List does not remove its permitted development rights, or prevent future changes from taking place. However, locally listed status can be viewed as a material consideration when determining planning applications and due consideration should be given to the desirability of preserving the special interest of the heritage asset.

Buildings on the Local Heritage List

The list will be compiled of assets both within and outside of the 37 Conservation Areas within the district. Those highlighted as part of the Conservation Area Appraisals as making a positive contribution to the character of the area will automatically be considered.

Nominating a building to go on the Local Heritage List

Anyone can put forward a building or structure for possible inclusion on the list.  Firstly you will need to check that your building has not already been designated as formally listed by Historic England. You do this by checking our online mapping or by searching the National Heritage List.

Nominations for inclusion in the second edition of the Local Heritage List will close on 1 November 2018.

For inclusion in future editions of the list you can nominate a building by using either our online nomination form, or by downloading a pdf icon printable nomination form [282kb] and sending it by email or post to:  

The Conservation Officer
Uttlesford District Council
London Road
Saffron Walden
CB11 4ER



Additional information

► pdf icon Criteria for identifying and managing local non-designated heritage assets [567kb]

► Outcome of nominations for the Local Heritage List