Planning for your Outbuilding

The information on this webpage is a guide as to whether you will need to consider planning permission or building regulations when you are installing a shed or outbuilding in your garden.

As a tenant of of Uttlesford District Council, you need to obtain permission from the Housing department for any alterations/improvements which you wish to make to your home or garden.

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Planning for Your Outbuilding - Limits and Conditions

Outbuildings and garden sheds are considered to be permitted developments. Whilst they typically won't require planning permission before construction can get underway, there are certain limits and conditions that need to be considered:








Shed height 2.5m

Garden sheds and outbuildings must be one storey, and eave heights cannot exceed 2.5 metres.


Shed height 3m and 4m

Overall height cannot exceed 4 metres if a dual pitched roof is present or 3 metres with any other type of roof.


Shed boundary limits

If a garden shed will be situated within 2 metres of a dwelling house boundary, the maximum height is 2.5 metres.


  • No raised platforms, balconies, or verandas.
  • Outbuildings should cover no more than half of the area that surrounds the original home.
  • Outbuildings are not allowed on land in front of a wall that forms the principal elevation.
  • With buildings, containers, and enclosures found on designated land (including natural parks and other conservation areas), planning permissions will be required.
  • Any outbuilding within the curtilage of a listed building will require planning permission.


Building Regulations

If you're interested in constructing a small, detached building like a garden or tool shed in your garden, it is important to consider building regulations. Typically, regulations won't apply if:

The internal floor area is no larger than 15 square metres and there are no sleeping accommodations inside.

The internal floor area is 15-30 square metres in size, building regulations will still be unnecessary as long as there are no sleeping accommodations and the structure is situated at least one metre from any boundary.

A building that has been constructed from materials that are non-combustible may also be exempt from building regulation approval.

Remember that these development allowances are to houses and not maisonettes, flats, or other buildings, and if you are considering constructing a garden shed or another outbuilding on one of those premises, you should consider guidance for those specific properties.

Do I need permission for my outbuilding?

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