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Private Hire

Private hire vehicles, their drivers and operators, are licensed by the council to ensure public safety.

What is a private hire vehicle?

Private hire vehicles operate in a similar way to hackney carriage vehicles in that they are used as a form of public transport. That is where the similarity ends. These cars are commonly referred to as 'taxis' or 'cabs' by the public but they are very different in the way they operate and the way they look. Private hire vehicles in this district are commonly saloon or estate style cars and may not resemble a hackney carriage in any way. All private hire cars must be pre-booked through a licensed operator either by telephone, email, fax or at the licensed operator's office.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Trades policy

All applicants are strongly advised to read the council's  pdf icon Licensing Policy Relating to the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Trades 2016 [1Mb].


Application forms

Application for a joint private hire/hackney carriage driver licence
pdf icon Joint Driver Application Form [322kb]
pdf icon Guidance notes for new applicants [169kb]
pdf icon Medical Class 2 Application Form [247kb]
pdf icon Joint Private Hire Hackney Carriage Driver conditions [35kb]
pdf icon Private Hire Driver Conditions April 2013 [31kb]
pdf icon Driver Licence Information Fair Processing Declaration Form (D906) [182kb]


Fees and charges
pdf icon Licensing fees and charges including Private Hire and Hackney Carriage fees and charges [10kb]
pdf icon Protocol for Dealing with the Suspension, Revocation and Non-renewal of Drivers' Licences [22kb]


Private hire operator
pdf icon Private Hire Operator Application Form [35kb]
pdf icon Private Hire Operator conditions April 2013 [19kb]


Vehicles and accidents
pdf icon Accident Report Form [225kb]
pdf icon Approved Garages for Vehicle Testing [83kb]
pdf icon Private Hire Vehicle Application Form [27kb]
pdf icon Private Hire Vehicle Conditions [67kb]
pdf icon Private Hire Vehicle Transfer Application Form [27kb]


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