Repairs Advice

Important information about repairs and maintenance to council owned houses, flats and communal areas.

We have recently reviewed our repairs and maintenance services, alongside external specialists, assessing what changes are required to ensure we meet the high standard to which all tenants of Uttlesford District Council are entitled.

One of the key areas we have reviewed is how health and safety checks to our homes are managed. This includes making sure all the information that we have about each home is correct and that the right checks are being done, at the right time.

We want to assure tenants and leaseholders that keeping your home safe is our top priority. Overall, your home has been regularly maintained over many years, and we receive positive feedback generally about our services from our tenants.

Please take the time to review the questions and answers below, however, if you feel you need to get in touch you can call us on  01799 510510 or email