Recycling in schools

Education on minimising waste and increasing recycling participation starts at school. Currently too much of our rubbish is sent to landfill, there must be a better option...

Schools recycling We throw away far too much food that could be eaten, latest figures from wrap show that we waste 7.3 million tonnes of food a year! There is too much litter on our streets in our parks and on our beaches. Our oceans, lakes and rivers are becoming rubbish tips.

We need to take action now to reduce, reuse and recycle as much of our rubbish as possible.

Schools play a vital role in communicating these messages to children, their families and throughout our wider community.

Uttlesford District Council is committed to educating the next generation (and future residents) about sustainable waste management and the associated environmental issues. We can arrange to deliver a range of educational presentations and interactive activities to promote the key themes of the 3Rs- reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Recycling Service

We offer all schools the opportunity to recycle. We can provide schools with green wheeled bins for recycling which we will collect every two weeks with no charge for collection. To avail of this service, use the contact details at the foot of this webpage.

Waste Education

Here at Uttlesford District Council we are keen to educate the next generation about waste and associated environmental issues especially focussing on the 3Rs- reduce, reuse and recycle. We can arrange to deliver educational classroom talks and fun interactive activities to promote our key messages.

Benefits of waste education include:

  • Increasing the awareness of waste and its management to both pupils and school staff
  • Encourage and support schools to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste
  • Convey their new found knowledge to others around them which will help to achieve increasingly sustainable waste management in the home

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