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The Council has a Register for people who are building their own home.

"Custom" or "self-build" are the terms sometimes used for properties that are either commissioned or built by individuals or groups as their main homes.

The Register has been proposed as part of Richard Bacon, MP's Private Members' Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Bill.

A government has produced a consultation paper Right to Build Supporting Custom and Self Build.

The purpose of the Register is to enable the Council to gather evidence to see if there is a demand for custom or self-build homes within the District.  The bill proposes that once evidence of demand has been established, the Council will be required to include plots for custom or self-build properties when considering its planning strategy.

How to join the register

To be eligible for the Self Build Register you will need to be over the age of 18 years, to be a British National  or a national of another European Economic Area state or a national of Switzerland and you will need to confirm that the the proposed dwelling will be the main place of residence for the occupants.

Please note that Proof of Nationality will be required to validate your planning application.

Please answer the questions in the form below, clicking on the NEXT button, when appropriate, to proceed to the successive pages of the form. When you have completed the form please click on the SUBMIT button.

iCM Form
  1. Applicant's Details (Mandatory options have a * next to them)
    1. Current Address Details
    2. Label
      1. We would like a few details regarding the nature of your interest in self build projects, i.e. if your interest is as an individual or on behalf of another body.