Call for Sites and Strategic Land Availability Assessment

View maps and an assessment of sites submitted through the recent 'Call for Sites'.

On this page you can view maps of the sites submitted through the Call for Sites process of April/May 2015 and an assessment of these and other sites.

Call for Sites

 A 'Call for Sites' took place between 1 April and 1 June 2015. The Call for Sites is now formally closed. The 'Call for Sites' was an early opportunity for developers, landowners, individuals and other interested parties to suggest sites within Uttlesford District for development. The suggested sites will be used to inform the allocation of sites in the Local Plan.

Strategic Land Availability Assessment

The Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) is an assessment of sites for residential or employment use to determine whether they are deliverable. The links below provide details of the sites submitted under the 'Call for Sites' and an assessment of those and other sites.


Details and assessment of the sites submitted ►

Interactive map of sites submitted ►

Further information on the SLAA ►


Proposing a new site

If you wish to propose a new site for development please use the Availability of Potential Sites form. The SLAA will be updated annually and any new sites submitted will be held on file, considered as necessary as part of the Local Plan process, and formally included in the 2017 SLAA revision.