Three bins guide

What goes in your bins and food caddy and what to do on collection day.

Brown food waste caddy

► Green recycling bin

Black waste bin

► Garden waste bin

What to do on collection day

Your bins should be out by 7am on your collection day.  You'll need to put them at the curtilage of your property or a place designated by us. If you don't do this we will assume that you do not need a collection. Please bring your bins back in once they have been emptied.

All bin lids must be closed

Extra sacks / bags of non-recyclables left next to or on top of the bins will not be collected.

Extra sacks / bags of dry recyclables left next to or on top of the green recycling bin will be collected. Do not use black sacks (due to licensing agreements with the Environment Agency, we are unable to collect and deliver recyclables into the recycling facility in black bags as this is deemed as non-recycling waste).

Try to avoid putting the wrong item in one of your bins (for example plastic in the kitchen waste bin). If this does happen we are entitled to refuse to empty your bins.

Help us improve recycling

It's no secret that Uttlesford residents are keen recyclers - but make sure you are doing what you should to ensure all your recyclable waste does go off to be used again.

Recently there has been an increase in instances of recycling being put in black bin bags before being placed in the green-lidded recycling bin. Please do not do this as it means the waste cannot be recycled. Any black bin bag is simply removed at the sorting plant and sent to landfill, including its contents.

If you have too much recycling to fit in your bin you can leave the extra items next to your bin in cardboard boxes or any sort of plastic bag except black bin bags. Again, anything in a black bin bag will be sent to landfill.

Please also remember to rinse out empty food containers, including tins and bottles, before putting them in your recycling bin.