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Trade or Commercial Waste

All businesses in the UK have a duty of care when it comes to waste which is produced by the business as a result of its activities.

This has been in force since 1990 when the Environmental Protection Act became law.  This requires that all establishments and businesses to take responsibility for ensuring that their waste is properly disposed of. 

Duty of care begins the moment that the waste is produced and continues until that waste is disposed of, which may be beyond the authorised waste contractor that you engage to deal with it.

Further details about your duty of care concerning disposal of the waste generated by your business can be found here:

Uttlesford District Council provides a trade waste collection service for businesses.

Prices in the list below are valid for the year 2017/18

pdf icon Click here for the Trade Refuse Collection Fees and Charges 2017/18 [130kb]

Unfortunately Uttlesford District Council do not currently provide any recycling facilities for trading premises. We only provide a trade waste collection service.

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