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Commercial waste and recycling

Commercial and trade waste collections are not included within business rates payments.

Trade wasteAll businesses have a duty of care in relation to waste management and must have an arrangement in place for the collection and disposal of their waste with a licensed waste carrier.

The core responsibilities̀ under duty of care are as follows:

  • By law all businesses have a responsibility to manage the waste they produce safely and responsibly ‐ this includes businesses operated from home
  • Duty of care applies from the minute the waste is produced and it continues beyond collection by the licensed waste carrier until it is disposed of or recovered 
  • Businesses are responsible for checking how their licensed waste company deals with the waste and where it ends up
  • Businesses should only give their waste to a carrier who holds a valid waste carriers licence
  • All waste transfer notes should be retained for two years 
  • Hazardous wastes must be identified and then stored and disposed of correctly
  • If items can be reused, repaired or recycled these avenues should be explored before disposal
  • Waste must be stored appropriately until collection

Disposing of trade waste

For more information on about your duty of care concerning disposal of the waste generated by your business visit Right Waste, Right Place

Trade waste services from Uttlesford District Council

We provide a trade waste collection service for businesses. As a business, you can choose from a range of our disposal services.

Currently the waste collected is taken to a Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant (MBT) which processes the trade waste:

  • The waste will pass through a mechanical processing stage where recyclable material such as metals, plastics and cardboard are sorted and separated
  • The remaining waste enters a biological processing stage where it is composted inside the building
  • Finally the remaining material is refined to extract materials that can be recycled into aggregate replacement such as rubble, glass and ceramics
  • Any non recyclable material left after this can either be used to generate energy in a separate facility or safely landfilled

Features of this service:

  • Collections of various sized containers can be done on a weekly or fortnightly basis
  • Open ended contract requiring 3 months notice to cancel or vary
  • No VAT charged

Cost of the service

We can provide you with anything from small trade waste sacks right up to large heavy skips.

Find our current trade waste collection charges.

Contact the Trade Waste Team

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