Announcements and new guidance on EU Exit

Latest updates and guidance on EU Exit from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government.

Issued 1 April 2019


EU Settlement Scheme

Today the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid MP and the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock MP wrote to NHS Chief Executives regarding the EU Settlement Scheme.


The letter outlines the process so far including private and public testing phases and the Home Office's support and engagement activities including the UK-wide marketing campaign launched last week.


The Home Office have engaged with key partners including the health and social care sector through a series of webinars and a communications toolkit. This provided a broad range of organisations with the right information about the Scheme to enable EU citizens to apply.


Further information on the EU Settlement Scheme is available here:

Further updates and guidance from MHCLG

·       MHCLG published an update on the EU Exit Local Government Delivery Board from meetings held on 26 February and 18 March. See


·       The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) recently updated their guidance on European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding in a 'No Deal' Brexit. See:


·       BEIS also updated their guidance on European Social Fund (ESF) grants in the event of a 'No Deal' Brexit. See:


·       The Home Office published guidance on the UK's future skills-based immigration system engagement programme. See:


·       The Home Office also released information for applicants to the EU Settlement Scheme on how refunds are processed for those who paid an application fee. See:


·       The Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) published guidance on eligibility arrangements to access public funds after free movement in a 'No Deal' scenario. See:


·       The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) updated guidance on claiming benefits for EU citizens wanting to move to the UK after 12 April 2019. See:


·       HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) published an impact assessment for VAT and services in the event of a 'No Deal' Brexit. See:


·       HMRC also published a communications pack on roll on roll off ports and Eurotunnel in a 'No Deal' scenario. See:


·       The Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) published guidance on amended legislation for businesses and regulators that will apply in a 'No Deal' scenario. See:


The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) has also published guidance

·       On changes to nutrition legislation if there's no Brexit deal. See:


·       On nutrition and health claims on foods if there's no Brexit deal. See:


·       On vitamins and minerals in foods if there's no Brexit deal. See:


·       For pharmacists on prescriptions issued in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland in the event of a 'No Deal' Brexit. See: