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Be 5G Smart and roll out of fibre

Discover the benefits of 5G and find out more about the roll out of Essex's super fast fibre.

Be 5G smart
Essex County Council (ECC) has launched a campaign called 'Be 5G Smart', to raise awareness of 5G - the fifth generation of mobile internet.

Myths about 5G

There are lots of myths about 5G, so ECC is hoping to set the record straight on these, as well as show the benefits it can offer.

You may have heard rumours about the risks associated with 5G. These include factually incorrect stories about a link between 5G and the spread of Covid-19. In addition, there have been concerns around 5G exposing people to harmful levels of radiation.

Essex have addressed these concerns in their blog, which busts the myths commonly associated with 5G.


Not only will 5G allow people in Essex to use technology on the go like never before - it'll also revolutionise the way emergency services work, as well as help in the fight against climate change.

You can find out more by visiting the Be 5G Smart campaign page on the Superfast Essex website.

Superfast fibre roll out

Superfast rollout of fibre broadband is continuing across Essex, with new addresses going live every day.

Currently, more than 143,000 addresses across Essex have received faster connections thanks to the Superfast Essex programme. And a further 4,000 addresses are set to be upgraded to full fibre broadband by the end of the year.

If you're expecting your address to be upgraded as part of programme of work you can check the interactive map on the Superfast Essex website.

Outside of the Superfast Essex programme, network operators continue to roll out broadband in Essex as part of their commercial, non-state funded plans. To find out which operators are active in your area, visit Superfast Essex's commercial operators page.

If you have any questions or queries about the Superfast Essex programme you can contact the Superfast team at Essex County Council.

Shout your story

Has a recent upgrade to fibre broadband changed the way you're able to work?

Can you stream content while your kids play their games online?

All with no buffering or disruption?

Or maybe you've discovered 5G mobile connectivity and faster speeds are making a difference to you working and streaming on the go?

Whatever your experience, Superfast Essex would love to hear about how improved connectivity has changed your life.

Just contact the Superfast team at Essex County Council.and they'll work with you to create and share your story.