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Planning service update May 2022

Due to the pressure of current workloads,  ongoing difficulties with staff recruitment and the need to prioritise the determination of planning applications, we have had to change the way the general public access our services. 

Getting advice

This means that we do not have any professional planning officers available on the telephone to answer general queries from members of the public.  

As an alternative, we do have:

Report a possible breach of planning regulations

We can investigate reports about work that may have been carried out without permission.

You can report a possible breach of planning regulations to us.

Pre-application advice

We continue to offer a full pre-application advice service if you are planning on submitting a planning application. 

Fin out how to request pre-application advice. There is a charge for using this service.


Find out how to apply for planning and building control permission, search for application information and get advice. You can also see information on listed buildings and find out about the Local Plan.

Comment or search for a planning application

Appeal against a planning decision

Planning applications

How we decide on planning applications

Heritage and conservation

Planning policy and the new Local Plan


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