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Local Plan timetable amended as new option emerges

Uttlesford District Council is making an amendment to the Local Plan timetable. An additional option has emerged and the council requires more time to evaluate this so it can be considered in the plan context along with others.

The next stage of the process - known as the Regulation 18 "Preferred Options" Local Plan - is an important milestone and the council wants to ensure it gets this right in order to produce the best plan possible for the district.

This opportunity gives members and officers extra time to review all the potential sites and further evidence base ahead of the Regulation 18 plan being published for consultation, which will be in early November. This is the next point at which the public and other interested parties will be invited to have their say on the plan.

The revised timetable, including dates of key meetings in the build up to the Regulation 18 plan, will be announced shortly.

20 June 2022