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Council to carry out land assessment of site in Saffron Walden

Uttlesford District Council will assess the condition of a parcel of land owned by the Council next to the proposed development at Ridgeons, Saffron Walden, as it looks to establish its options for the future use of the site.

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Topographical surveys will be conducted on the site to help to identify and map its contours and features. It will first be necessary to carry out a partial clearance of the site to allow the surveys to take place. A date for this work has not been confirmed, although it will be within the next month. Local residents have been notified.

If following the surveys the site is deemed suitable for housing, it is probable the land will be sold off for that purpose.

Cllr Simon Howell, Cabinet Member for Finance & Administration, said: "The council, like all government bodies, is under pressure to release surplus land assets for new homes. We have a responsibility on behalf of all residents to assess the suitability of the site and these surveys will help to identify the options for the land.

"If the land is considered suitable for housing, the council will ensure an appropriate level of social housing for local people is attributed to any future development. The council will also actively work with Essex Highways to establish what road and pedestrian improvements may be required to support development."

10 February 2017