Council Tax and Benefits

Council tax and benefits


If your income is affected by coronavirus you may be able to claim benefits to support you through this period.
For information on the help and support that might be available to you, visit the Policy in Practice website


Updates on our service due to Coronavirus
We understand that many residents may be facing financial challenges at this time. Our teams are working as hard as they can to finalise the administration around the workstreams issued by the government to support residents and businesses.

Some of the support available to residents:

•  Local Council Tax Support - help with your Council Tax payments 

•  Exceptional Hardship Fund - people who are experiencing exceptional financial hardship can apply for help from the Exceptional Hardship Fund  

•  Universal Credit - this may help with your living costs

•  Employment Support Allowance - this is for people who cannot work due to sickness or self-isolation

•  Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) - Extra help you might be able to get for housing costs, including rent payments and moving costs

•  Recovery of overpayment of benefits - The Department of Work and Pensions have announced the suspension of overpayment recovery for a period of 3 months on all Universal Credit and other DWP legacy benefits. Uttlesford District Council has also implemented a temporary freeze on the recovery of overpaid housing benefit (HB).
No deductions will therefore be taken from ongoing HB entitlements for the period 16th March to 14th June 2020. Customers do not need to contact us to request this freeze - the change has already been applied to our payments system automatically.
We will consider rescheduling the council tax instalments if the household has had a substantial drop in income due to the coronavirus pandemic and cannot find any other means to pay.

Each case will be considered on its own merit and any supporting documentation should be supplied with your request. The full council tax liability will remain due and payable - however, if your request is accepted your instalment plan will run from June to March instead of April to January. In some cases this will mean higher instalments from June.

If you are in financial difficulties please consider making claims for financial support. Some helpful links are listed above.

Residents who require further advice or support in paying their council tax can contact us via or 01799 510510.


Follow the links below to find out all you need to know on how much Council Tax you need to pay, what to do if your circumstances change, making an appeal and how to apply for housing benefit or help to pay your Council Tax.

Did you know you can now manage yourCouncil Tax andBenefits online?


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