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Election of Essex County Councillors on Thursday 4 May 2017

Results from the election on 4 May 2017 for the four divisions in Uttlesford.


4 Conservative Party
0 Green Party
0 Independent
0 Labour Party
0 Liberal Democrats
0 Residents for Uttlesford
0 UK Independence Party (UKIP) 

This election was for Essex County Council and the results below are for the four electoral divisions within the Uttlesford District.

The candidates whose names are marked as elected won seats on Essex County Council.

Dunmow Division results

Vacant seats: 1
Electorate: 19,310
Ballot papers issued: 6,065 ( 2 spoilt papers)
Turnout: 31.4%

CandidatePartyNumber of votes
Alexander ARMSTRONGResidents for Uttlesford1457
Susan BARKERConservative Party3389
Lori FLAWNLiberal Democrats    402
Bill MCCARTHYLabour Party399
Ashley PAYNEGreen Party133
Alan StannardU K Independence Party (UKIP)    1298
Total number of votes 6,065


Saffron Walden Division results

Vacant seats: 1
Electorate: 16,306
Ballot papers issued: 6,935 ( 8 spoilt papers)
Turnout: 42.5%

Sarah Jane ALLINGTONGreen Party246
Heather ASKERResidents for Uttlesford2201
John MORANConservative Party2468
Joan SHIBATALiberal Democrats   1211
Simon TRIMNELLLabour Party619
Raymond TYLERU K Independence Party (UKIP)    182
Total number of votes 6,927


Stansted Division results

Vacant seats: 1
Electorate: 15,350
Ballot papers issued: 6,194 ( 2 spoilt papers)
Turnout: 40.4%

David ALLUMU K Independence Party (UKIP)    175
Melvin CATONLiberal Democrats 1711
Anthony GERARDResidents for Uttlesford1573
Raymond GoodingConservative Party 2317
Karmel STANNARDGreen Party132
Thomas VAN DE BILTLabour Party284
Total number of votes 6,192


Thaxted Division results

Vacant seats: 1
Electorate: 14,018
Ballot papers issued: 4,713 ( 15 spoilt papers)
Turnout: 33.6%

Paul ALLINGTONGreen Party304
Lorna HOWEU K Independence Party (UKIP)  325
Peter SIMMONSLabour Party   405
Simon WalshConservative Party 2710
Antoinette WattebotLiberal Democrats   954
Total number of votes 4,698


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