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More than half of the clothes binned in Essex could have been reused or recycled - at a cost of more than £1.5 million a year to the taxpayer.


Every household in the county unnecessarily bins the equivalent of 36 woolly jumpers each year, according to Recycle for Essex, which has launched a campaign to educate residents that all textiles can be recycled.

If you no longer want a particular item or outfit, someone else probably will. Unwanted clothes can be resold, rejuvenated, given to friends and family, recycled or given to charity.

Textiles are either reused or made into new material and used in everything from cloth wipes for industry to felt and yarn. Items that are reused can be sent to suppliers in other countries, creating jobs for warehouse staff, haulage companies and stall holders.

It's easy to recycle your textiles in Uttlesford - there are seven textile banks across the district, as well as those at recycling centres, which take good quality clothing as well as clean, worn out clothes which may be ripped or have holes in.

Find your nearest textile bank at or for ideas of how to make the best of your unwanted clothes go to

23 January 2018