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Apply for an older or disabled person's bus pass

Find out if you're eligible for an older or disabled person's bus pass and how to apply.


For an older persons pass

In Essex you can get a bus pass for free travel when you reach the State Pension age.

For a disabled persons pass

You can qualify for a disabled persons pass if you are:

  • visually impaired
  • hearing impaired
  • speech impaired
  • unable to walk
  • loss of use of both arms
  • have a learning impairment that has resulted in an arrested state of development before adulthood
  • unable to drive for reasons of medical fitness

You will need to provide evidence to show your eligibility.

An Essex companion pass is available for those who have difficulty travelling without assistance.


If you live in Essex you can apply online to Essex Highways for an older or disabled persons bus pass.

You can also collect an application form from your local library.

Or you can call Essex Highways on 0345 200 0388 for an application form or for assistance completing one.

Using your bus pass

You can use your bus pass at different times depending on whether you are travelling in Essex or outside the county.

LocationMonday to Friday (excluding public holidays)Weekends and public holidays
Essex, Southend and Thurrock authorities
Companion Passes are valid in these areas
9am to midnightAnytime
Any other local authority in England:(Not all authorities offer earlier discretionary start times - you should check before travel). 

A companion pass will only act as a standard pass outside of Essex.  Your companion will be required to pay for their travel.
9:30am to 11pmAnytime
Transport For London Buses (you cannot use your pass on the Underground, DLR or trams)AnytimeAnytime