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Invoices paid within 30-days

Details of the percentage of all invoices that we have paid within 30 days. The data that we publish covers the last 12 months.

Under Regulation 113(7) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (and as set out in Procurement Policy Note 03/16 issued by Crown Commercial Services) we are required to publish, on an annual basis and covering the previous 12 months, details of the percentage of suppliers and prime contractors invoices* paid within 30-days.

* Invoices deemed valid and undisputed

Invoices paid 2021-22

Uttlesford District Council has published information for the period 1 April 2021 - 30 March 2022. Data from the period 2020-21 is included for comparison. 

Percentage of supplier invoices paid within 30 days of receipt by the council (max)

April-June 2021: 99.70%

July-September 2021: 99.70%

October-December 2021: 100.00%

January-March 2022: 100.00%

2021-22 average: 99.85%

2020-21 average 99.40%