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Re-letting standard

We have a set of standards that tell you about the condition that you can expect to find your home in when you move into an Uttlesford District Council property.


- Cleaning and clearance

- Decoration

- Fixtures and fittings

- Lighting

- Electrical safety

- Gas and oil safety

- Solid fuel

- Other checks

- Kitchen

- Bathroom

Windows and doors

- Outside


These standards have been put together to ensure that all necessary preparation and works have been completed before you start your new tenancy with us.

Any works required in addition to those listed may not be completed prior to you moving in. These will be clearly identified and planned and agreed with you to ensure your expectations are met.

Cleaning and clearance

All cobwebs to be removed.

Drawing pins, sellotape, blue tack and picture hooks will be removed from all walls.

Electrical sockets, light fittings and switches will be thoroughly cleaned.

Kitchen units, all work surfaces, cupboards, drawers and sinks will be thoroughly cleaned and all cleaning residue to be rinsed away (all cleaning to be completed inside and out of unit, cupboard and drawers).

All bathroom fittings, such as toilet, sink and bath, will be cleaned. Particular attention will be given to the cleaning of taps so they meet a good standard and limescale will be removed where possible.

Toilets will be cleaned in all areas including back, front and around the U bend and left with a toilet strip to confirm clean.

Internal windows and frames will be cleaned and washed down.

All doors, including the front door, door frames, architravings and side casings will be thoroughly cleaned.

Radiators will be cleaned at the front and as much as possible behind All skirting boards will be washed down.

All storage cupboards will be swept and mopped Stairways and steps will be swept and cleaned.

All tiled areas will be cleaned.

All floors will be swept and mopped.

Scuff marks and paint splashes will be removed from finished floor surfaces where possible.

All floors will be mopped with disinfectant Deodorants will be left in the bathroom and kitchen.

All cleaning to leave no marks, finished streak-free and left dry.

Shower curtains left by the previous tenant will be removed.

All sanitary fittings will be chemically cleaned below the waterline.

All items and contents left by the previous occupant including, rubbish, white goods and furnishings will be removed.


If the standard of decoration is unacceptable the council will prepare and clean to an acceptable standard to enable the incoming tenant to redecorate.

Wallpaper will only be removed if necessary.

If the property needs redecoration, decoration vouchers will be issued by the Housing Officer at the time of sign-up. The voucher amount will be dependent upon the size of the property and the decoration required. The decoration pack will give tips and guidance on decorating methods and techniques.

Minor indentations and cracks will be considered acceptable. All exposed surfaces to joinery and metal work shall be clean and free from damage.

Minor damage such as chipping may be repaired to make acceptable providing the remainder of the paintwork is in good order.

Fixtures and fittings

New carpets are not supplied. Existing carpets will be removed unless previously agreed.

All free-standing white goods will be removed.


There will be a minimum of 1 ceiling light fitting in each room.

All staircases will have lighting, including communal areas for flats and sheltered blocks.

Electrical safety

All electrical installation will be working correctly and safety tested and certified.

Where possible there will be at least 2 double electric sockets in each room, except the bathroom.

Electric emersion heaters (where fitted) will be separately switched and connected.

There will be at least 1 smoke alarm in the property. It should be noted that it will be the tenant's responsibility to provide batteries for the unit when and where necessary.

It is the responsibility of the in-coming tenant to contact the utility supplier to arrange supplies.


Gas and oil safety

The boiler/gas fires will be safe and ready to be reconnected.

Gas fires are removed if full central heating in installed.

A carbon monoxide detector will be fitted to all properties.

Any gas cooker point will be safely capped off.

Upon occupation, we will provide you with a copy of a valid landlords annual gas and oil service certificate following the relevant safety checks/commissioning of gas and oil appliances.

Solid fuel

All solid fuel/fireplaces will be removed as part of the new tenancy process.

Other checks

All balustrades and handrails on staircases will be safe and secure, and cover the whole length of the staircase.

All floor surfaces will be safe and secure.

The property will be free from rising damp and water penetration.

The loft (where there is one) will be clean and empty and should not under any circumstances be used for storage purposes.

We will provide an energy performance certificate for the property.


All kitchens (space permitting) will be functional and have a minimum of:

1 Bedroom property

  • 1 x double wall unit
  • 1 x double sink unit
  • 1 x double base unit

2 Bedroom property

  • 1 x double wall unit
  • 1 x double sink unit 
  • 1 x double base unit
  • 1 x single base unit

3 Bedroom property

  • 2 x double wall unit
  • 1 x double sink unit
  • 2 x double base unit
  • 1 x single base unit
  • 1 x single wall unit

All work surfaces will be securely fixed, free from cracks and burns, and safe for the preparation of food.

Any gas supply pipe to a cooker space will be 'capped off' by the contractor.

There will be a space for a cooker and a cooker connection point. This will be for either a gas or an electric cooker.

Vinyl non-slip flooring will be provided in all kitchens.

Where a gas supply is available, it is the responsibility of the in-coming tenant to employ a qualified gas engineer to fit a cooker.


Sanitary ware will be cleaned and free from severe discolouration, chips, cracks and leaks.

The WC will have a seat and cover in working order.

All sanitary ware will have working taps, plugs and chains.

Any showers provided by Uttlesford District Council will be safe and functional and the shower area tiled appropriately.

There will be a minimum of one row of splash back tiles around the bath and wash hand basin.

Any properties that have an existing wet room or have had an adapted bathroom will remain as is.

A vinyl non-slip floor will be provided in all bathrooms.

Windows and doors

All broken or cracked panes of glass will be replaced.

This work may be completed after the tenancy has commenced.

All large glass panels within 800mm from floor level will be fitted with safety glass.

External wooden doors and frames will be sturdy and fitted with a secure lock.

All latches, locks, hinges and handles will operate correctly and safely. External doors and windows will be watertight.

Before a tenant moves in, all external door locks will be changed.

Keys will be supplied for all windows with locks and for any meter box/cupboards.


Properties with dedicated gardens will have all rubbish removed.

Gardens will be cleared and safe for use with grass/vegetation strimmed and removed from the property.

Fencing and/or gates leading directly onto public areas will be in place (wire and post).

Fencing between gardens is the responsibility of the tenant. Tenants will be advised which fences apply to their home.

The roof will be structurally sound and water tight. All downpipes will be safely secured and free from leaks.

Any permanent outbuilding will be empty.

Access to the property will be safe and unrestricted.

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