Polling stations and polling districts

When elections are scheduled, this page provides information on the polling stations within the Uttlesford District.

A polling station is the building where you can go to vote in person.

Find your polling station

You can only vote at the polling station stated on your poll card.

To help you find where you need to vote we've worked with an organisation called Democracy Club to build an online poll station search tool.


Polling station information

Opening times

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on polling day.

Access for voters with disabilities

We try to make sure that all polling stations in the district are accessible and have a variety of services to support voters with disabilities. If you can't get into the polling station because of a physical disability, the Presiding Officer can take the ballot paper to you.

For information about how you can get help at the polling station visit YourVoteMatters or contact us.

Giving information to tellers

As you leave the polling station you may be asked for the number on your polling card by a teller. They are not part of the official polling station staff - they are volunteers working for the candidates. They use this information to check who's voted so they can remind those who haven't to do so.

They are not acting in any official capacity so you don't need to give them any information if you don't want to.

If you are concerned about the conduct of a teller, speak to the Presiding Officer at the polling station.

Get more information about tellers from the Electoral Commission.

How we decide where to have a polling station

We are required to revise the polling arrangements in the district. We last looked at this in 2019 when we published a list of all the polling places and details of any changes. This is called a  Revised Scheme of Polling Districts and Polling Places [262.21KB] and came into effect from 31 January 2020.  You can see details of the full review and how we decided where to have polling stations at the Governance, Audit and Performance Committee meeting on 13 January 2020.

Please note that what is on your polling card is always the correct venue for polling day as sometimes we have to move away from a previously approved venue due to availability reasons.