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Service area/Directorate Communities

Consultation Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2023-2028

We are asking you to comment on our plans to reduce health inequalities and improve the health of people who live and work in Uttlesford.

Consultation period Wednesday 13 September to Friday 30 September 2022

Further information 

Find more information and how to give your views on the draft Health & Wellbeing Strategy.


Service area/Directorate Climate change

Consultation Improvements to walking and cycling in Uttlesford

We've launched a survey which asks you to share your ideas on how we can improve walking and cycling in the district.

Consultation period Ongoing

Further information 

We need to hear from you with your ideas on where there are opportunities to improve our local walking and cycling infrastructure. To help we've put together a map of the district to use to make your comments and to show where you think improvements can be made. Just jump right in and make your suggestions. Make as many as you like.

You can find the Uttlesford walking and cycling survey on the Commonplace website.


Service area/Directorate Climate change

Consultation Biodiversity mapping

We've launched a biodiversity mapping tool that enables you to tell us about local sites with important biodiversity or that have the potential to be havens for plants, animals and insects.

Consultation period Ongoing

Further information 

We've set up a webpage where you can drop a pin on a map of Uttlesford to show the location of any sites. You'll then need to answer five simple questions to give us more information. The site you select can be anything from a small as a road verge to the corner of a churchyard. If you believe a site has the potential to improve or restore biodiversity or needs to be nurtured we want to hear from you.

You can find the Uttlesford biodiversity map on the Commonplace website.


Service area/Directorate Planning Policy

Consultation Currently nominated Assets of Community Value

Community groups can nominate an asset. This will then be considered by the Assets of Community Value and Local Heritage List Committee.

Further information 

More information on the currently nominated assets.

Please feedback your comments on any currently nominated assets to


Service area/Directorate Planning Policy

Consultation The new Local Plan consultation and the Community Stakeholder Forum

We will be carrying out extensive engagement on a wide range of different themes, starting with 'Where you live' from 11 November 2020. This programme of 'mini consultations' will be aligned to the Community Stakeholder Forum meeting schedule (described below) and is due to run until the end of May 2021. We will use all comments and ideas to inform our work on a draft version of the Local Plan.

 Further information 

More information on the Consultation and the Community Stakeholder Forum.