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Cost of living support

Advice and support to help manage the rising cost of living.

Employment, Economy, Skills, Environment and Transport (EESET) group

Uttlesford is an affluent area with a highly educated population. Unemployment is currently less than 1%. The key issues for the district are high levels of out-community leading to pressures on the infrastructure; some businesses expressing problems expanding within the district; equality and diversity issues e.g. disabled people in rural areas having difficulties accessing jobs; many business have difficulty recruiting people with certain skills, caused by a number of factors including the high cost of living within the district.

EESET recognises the contribution that greater energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and recycling can make to meeting national and regional objectives relating to climate change.

Car ownership and use within the district is relatively high, the Uttlesford Futures EESET group recognises the important role the car has in meeting transport and accessibility needs in this rural area and the challenge of promoting better use of public transport.

EESET in partnership

The Uttlesford Employment, Economy, Skills, Environment and Transport group is made up of a number of partners: 

Volunteer Mentor Training programme

Over 20 people representing a range of volunteering organisations in Uttlesford attended a Volunteer Mentor Training programme run by the EESET group earlier this year. This free accredited mentor course, run in partnership with Volunteer Uttlesford and Voluntary Sector Training, provided an opportunity to learn more about topics such as health and safety, risk assessments and lone working, safeguarding, mental health and disability awareness, coaching skills for supporting others, and mentoring practice.