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Request a community trigger

Ask for a review of your anti-social behaviour case.

If you have been a victim of anti-social behaviour (ASB) you can ask for a review of your case, if you feel that it has not been dealt with adequately.  

This is called a community trigger and is also known as an ASB case review.  It allows victims of anti-social behaviour of any age to ask for a review of their case. The process can be used by an individual, a business or a community group.

To qualify for a community trigger you will need to have:

•  reported anti-social behaviour to the council, the Police or your housing provider three or more times in the last six months
•  reported hate crime to the council, the Police or your housing provider just once in the last six months
•  made reports about anti-social behaviour or hate crime within one month of the alleged incident taking place

Request a community trigger

To request a community trigger you can:

You'll need to tell us the:

  • dates you made each of your complaints
  • person or organisation that registered your complaint or any incident reference number
  • details of the ASB  or hate crime incidents

What happens next

After you've requested the community trigger, we'll look into your case.