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Review of a premises licence

You can apply for a review of an existing licence if you are experiencing problems with a premises.

The problems must be relevant to one of the 4 licensing objectives:

• the prevention of crime and disorder
• public safety
• the prevention of public nuisance
• the protection of children from harm 

Before you apply for a review, you should consider whether your problems could be dealt with outside of the formal review process.

You can:

  • talk to the licence holder, to find out if there are any steps they are willing to take to solve the problems
  • ask your local councillor or MP to speak to the licence holder on your behalf
  • talk to the relevant responsible authority, to find out if other legislation could help solve the problem. For example, if there is a noise nuisance, you can report it to us and we can investigate

If these options have been unsuccessful, or are not suitable for your situation, you can apply for a review.


To apply for a review, you will need:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • the name, address and contact details of the premises and licensee
  • a detailed description of the problems you are experiencing

You can apply for a review using our form.

Application for the review of a premises licence (Word doc) [29KB]

What happens next

Once we receive your application, we will:

  • acknowledge it within three working days
  • undertake the review
  • contact you if we need any further information
  • notify you of the outcome of our review

We can reject an application if it:

  • does not relate to a licensing objective
  • is a repetitive complaint
  • is considered minor or trivial  


You can find advice on the management of noise and other public nuisance issues in the Licensed Premises Environmental Health Guidance for Licensees (PDF) [1MB] . This document has been prepared and adopted by Environmental Health departments of all the 14 Essex local authorities.