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Building regulations chargeable and non-chargeable account 2021/22

Statement of chargeable activities and non-chargeable activities for 2021/22 with comparisons to previous years.


The Building Regulations statement

The Local Authority Building Control Regulations require the disclosure of information regarding the setting of charges for the administration of the building control function. However, certain activities performed by the Building Control Service cannot be charged for, such as providing general advice and liaising with other statutory authorities. The statement below shows the total cost of operating the Building Control Service divided between the chargeable and non chargeable activities.


Building RegulationsChargeable activities 2021/22 £000Non-chargeable activities 2021/22 £000Total Building Regulations 2021/22 £000
Employee expenses22148269
Supplies and services9110
Central and support service charges20537242
Total expenditure44989538
Building Regulations charges(453)0(453)
Total income(453)0(453)
(Surplus) / deficit for the year(4)8985



  Chargeable activities £000
Comparatives for 2020/21 
Deficit for the year47
Comparatives for 2019/20 
Deficit for the year18


Please note the above figures form part of Uttlesford District Council's overall statement of accounts for 2021/22 which, at the time of this publication, are still subject to final audit sign off.

Jody Etherington
Assistant Director of Finance
26 September 2022