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Cost of living support

Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

Infectious disease

We are directly responsible for investigating any case of infectious disease and liaise closely with public health bodies.

An infectious disease is one that can be carried by people and passed on.

You must notify us about some diseases because of their public health significance. Diseases that you must tell us about include:

  • mumps
  • dysentery
  • diphtheria
  • food poisoning
  • meningitis

An A-Z listing of guidance on infectious diseases is available on GOV.UK.

Food safety and infectious disease

Our Environmental Health team investigate food poisoning and certain other food-borne illnesses to prevent the spread of illness within the community and to try and establish possible causes.

We can also give you advice on how to prevent the spread of disease within your home.

Advice to businesses

Anyone who has the symptoms of food poisoning should not be allowed to work if they are handling food.

They may be able to carry out other duties that do not bring them into contact with food.

It is the duty of staff to notify their employer if they believe they have food poisoning.

General advice

You can find advice on food poisoning and infections that cause food poisoning on the NHS website.