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Apply for something on the highway

Apply to Essex Highways to put something on a road or to do works that affect a street including skips and scaffolding licenses, dropped kerbs and more.

If you want to put something on a roadway such skips, scaffolding and hoardings you'll need to apply for a licence from Essex Highways.

You'll also need to apply to Essex Highways if you want to close a Public Right of Way, put up new signage to have a dropped kerb installed.

Most of our roads and footpaths are looked after by Essex Highways.


What you need to know

You can apply to Essex Highways:

  • for a new or extend a vehicle crossing or dropped kerb
  • to hang seasonal decorations from a lamppost
  • for temporary traffic light signals
  • to register a Landowner Deposit
  • for a brown tourist sign
  • for a disabled parking bay
  • to have a skip or scaffolding
  • for a road opening notice
  • to temporarily close a Public Right of Way
  • for a permanent diversion and extinguishment to a Public Right of Way
  • to relocate a streetlight
  • for a Section 50 Street Works licence
  • for a development management road opening notice
  • for a Highway Status Enquiry
  • to install a VAS or SID sign

You can find more information on roads streets and transport in the county on


You can apply on the Essex Highways applications portal.

New safety related improvements

If you want to suggest new road safety improvements, new signage or a pedestrian dropped kerb you'll need to contact your Essex county councillor. You can find details about your county councillor on

If they support your suggestion they can raise a scheme request to your Local Highway Panel.

More information about what types of requests can be raised is available on the Uttlesford Local Highways Panel page on the Essex Highways website.

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