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Untaxed vehicles

If you see an untaxed vehicle on a public road, you can report it.


Reporting an untaxed vehicle

If you see what appears to be an untaxed vehicle on the public highway (road, pavement, verge or layby) you can report the details to us.

Complete our online untaxed vehicle form

Or you can contact us directly.

Remember: you need to provide as much information as possible when reporting a suspected offence, you must give clear details. It would also be helpful to supply your personal details so that an officer may contact you. Any information that you provide will be handled in accordance with our Environmental Health Enforcement and Licensing Enforcement Privacy Notice.

What we can do

Our enforcement team deals with all cases of abandoned or untaxed vehicles.

Abandoning vehicles in our district is not only bad for the environment and illegal, but also unnecessary as the council offers a free collection service for the disposal of vehicles.

We have DVLA devolved powers to investigate reported untaxed vehicles which we will instruct recovery agent to remove the vehicle and hold pending authorisation from the DVLA for disposal if the vehicle is not claimed.

The DVLA database holds the details of all registered keepers of motor vehicles and as such it is the responsibility of the registered keeper to notify the DVLA of any changes in circumstances.


Things to do before reporting a vehicle as untaxed

  1. Check if the vehicle is taxed before you report it - this is a free service.

  2. Make a note of the vehicle registration number, make, model and colour of the vehicle and the street name, town and postcode where the vehicle is parked. You will not be able to report the vehicle without these details.

  3. Tell us about it.


Additional information 

► Request information about a vehicle or its registered keeper from DVLA