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Cost of living support

Advice and support to help manage the rising cost of living.

I am looking for short-term accommodation

Council temporary accommodation may be an option for particularly vulnerable people who the council has a duty to accommodate when homeless.

This may be a small flat, a shared house or bed and breakfast. It may be out of the area. Be sure to speak to a Housing Options Officer about this.

If you are looking for a room for just a short period, you can try Airbnb. It is a community site connecting people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay.

Emmaus Cambridge

Emmaus Cambridge is a homelessness charity providing a home, meaningful work and a sense of belonging. The main business activity is collecting donated furniture and household goods to sell in their shops. Some of the furniture is 'upcycled' by repainting and reupholstering to give it a new lease of life. Emmaus also run cafes, house clearance businesses, gardening projects and clothing shops. These generate income for people to pay for their home, food, upkeep and a small weekly allowance. If you are looking for a home with the opportunity to learn a new craft and to live in a nurturing environment, Emmaus could be what you are looking for.

Direct access hostels

Direct access hostels also known as night shelters are available for single people to stay overnight on a temporary basis. Many offer support to relieve homelessness and related hardship and require you to engage with the help offered. Unfortunately, there are not any night shelters within Uttlesford so you will need to ring around and be prepared to travel within the eastern region. Some projects will have a waiting list and others will require you to arrive there at a specific time to find out if there is a spare bed. You should also consider whether you would like to find accommodation in another area to which you have a local connection, because we do not have a night shelter in the District.

Expand the links below to view hostel contact details:
01603 666563 or
Pathways Outreach:  01603 980799



01284 723839
Cambridge Street Aid: 01223 366292
01245 281104


01206 549885


01394 670476


01945 589905
01493 331524


01473 219155
01223 576085
01234 266085


01502 564381
01462 435835


01727 859113


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