Fees and charges - Street naming and numbering

The charges do not include VAT

These charges apply to anyone:

  • changing the name of a property
  • adding a name to a numbered property
  • naming or numbering a new property or street

Charge per dwelling/unit
2022/23 charge £
Add a name to a numbered property35.00
Name change/renumber75.00
New dwelling/unit110.00
2-5 dwellings/units75.00
6 - 25 dwellings/units55.00
26 - 75 dwellings/units45.00
76 plus dwellings/units35.00
New Street Name200.00
Name of block or block of flats of industrial estate175.00
Confirmation of plot or postal address for utility company (charged to utility companies only)35.00
Issuing a new address following demolition and reconstruction35.00
Change to new addresses due to the development changing after the schedule has been issued (applies to all amended plots)55.00