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Fees and charges - Environmental health

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Food and water safety

Imported food inspection charges



Food and water safety2024/25
Does the charge include VAT?
Health Certificate for Export107.00No
Food disposal if requiredCharged at costYes
Voluntary Surrender Certificate107.00No
Water Samples (Airport)29.00Yes
Chemical water samples on requestCharged at costYes
Private water supplies  
Regulation 9 property sample211.50No
Regulation 9 property risk assessment282.00No
Regulation 10 property (shared/small) sample218.00No
Regulation 10 property risk assessment282.00No
Regulation 10 (single property) sample205.00No
Regulation 10 property (single property) risk assessment164.50No
Regulation 8 sample181.00No
Regulation 8 risk assessment239.00No
Group A sample205.00No
Group B sample211.50No
AnalysisRecharge of costs + admin (21.50)No
Investigations (per hour - will include travel time)66.50 + mileage at 46p/mile No


Imported food inspection charges2024/25
Does the charge include VAT?
POAO per CHEDP (products of animal origin) (per consignment)174.00No
POAO per CHEDP out of hours additional fee (products of animal origin)278.00No
POAO per additional CHEDP on same AWB103.00No
POAO replacement CHEDP103.00No
POAO breakdown and rebuild of consignment83.00No
POAO erroneous consigment release requiring liaison with inland authority269.00No
High Risk NAO sampling fee + laboratory charges113.00No
High Risk NAO out of hours sampling fee + laboratory charges259.50No
High Risk NAO per CHEDD (non animal origin)34.50No
High Risk NAO per CHEDD out of hours55.00No
High Risk destruction charge + disposal costs -10 kilos87.88No
IUU Catch Certificate EEA24.00No
IUU Catch Certificate non EEA54.50No
Consignment abandon fee27.00No
ID check -weekdays73.50No
ID check -weekends292.50No
Organics check -weekdays37.00No
Organics check -weekends53.50No
Melamine check51.50No
Destruction supervision88.50No
Imported consignment exemption fee20.00No
Non presentation of appropriate documentation (requires examination)20.00No
Late prior notification fee FNAO -CHEDD36.00No
Fee for late cancellation of veterinary cover due to non-presentation of shipments260.00No
* Note, these charges are currently under Government review as part of the introduction of new controls reflecting leaving the UK leaving the EU. The final charges are unlikely to be finalised by April 2024.


Does the charge include VAT?
(Note: We are entitled to charge all reasonable incurred expenses, including one or more of the following. All charges must be paid in full before we release your dog.)
Stray dog - administrative costs *38.50No
Kennelling fee (per day) *12.80Yes
Stray dog - statutory fee *26.00No
Collection and transportation charge *174.50Yes
Vet treatment costs to be paid in fullFull costYes
*Fees are set by a 3rd party so the 2024/25 fees shown are estimates.