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Fees and charges - Planning other

Other Planning fees and charges2024/25
Does the charge include VAT?
To retain a % of fee paid if an application is withdrawn  
- Pre-applications15%Yes
- Planning applications prior to validation only15%No
- Planning applications after validation100%No
15 minute telephone conversation / discussion with a duty officer90.00Yes
Biodiversity Net Gain monitoring - Major developmentBespoke feeYes
Biodiversity Net Gain monitoring - Non-majorBespoke feeYes
Fast Track CLE - aimed at those needing speedy clarification as to whether planning permission would have been required for development which has taken place - sometimes needed when trying to sell a property (certificate issue within 5 working days of valid application being submitted or money refunded)800.00Yes
High hedge complaint650.00No
Documents provided under Local Government Access to Information Act 1985
Documents - TPO, BPN, LB
Planning & Building Regulation Decision Notices
10p a sheet plus £25 per hour if job exceeds 1 hourYes
Uttlesford Local Plan Adopted 200525.00Yes
Emerging Local Plan35.00Yes
Confirmation regarding Agricultural Ties48.00Yes
Parish and Town councils - Neighbourhood Planning mappingPOANo
Solicitor's queries regarding compliance with Enforcement Notices - per 30 minutes110.00No
Solicitor's queries regarding compliance with Enforcement Notices - additional charge if site visit required276.00No
Planning conditions - variation / removal discussion220.00Yes
Change of use to house in multiple occupation220.00Yes
Confirmation that Permitted Development Rights have not been removed:  
- Householder70.00Yes
- All other development180.00Yes
Confirmation of Designated Area - in response to customer requests we can provide confirmation of designated areas (self service is available), however we can provide a list of constraints on a property within 3 working days75.00Yes
Copy of history25.00Yes
Advice for variation or deletion of s106 Agreements - per 1 hour meeting*302.00Yes

*Additional specialism discussion will involve an additional fee to cover the cost of the specialist.