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Guidance on completing your proxy vote application

This guide will help you to fill in your application for a proxy vote.

  • You may appoint someone who is willing and able to be your proxy to vote on your behalf. This may be your best option for voting if you are unable to vote in person at the polling station.
  • To make a successful proxy application, you must have registered to vote individually, as well as your proxy.
  • The form asks you to explain why you are unable to go to your polling station on polling day.
  • The proxy appointment will apply for one election or referendum only. If you require a long- term proxy arrangement, please contact Electoral Registration.
  • The person you appoint as your proxy must be 18 or over, must be registered individually, and must be entitled to vote in the type of election they are appointed for. They can act as proxy for up to two people. If they need to be a proxy for more than two people, they must be a family member.
  • In completing your application, you must sign your name with a black pen entirely within the grey shaded box and add your date of birth in the boxes provided. You must also date the form where indicated.