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Cost of living support

Advice and support to help manage the rising cost of living.

Housing grants

Grants, loans and practical assistance to help home owners in receipt of income-related benefits carry out essential repairs and improve energy efficiency.

The Home Repairs Assistance Policy (PDF) [484KB] aims to assist homeowners who do not have the resources to keep their homes in good repair and a safe condition. A range of grants, loans and practical assistance is available to help owner-occupiers in receipt of income-related benefits to carry out essential repairs and improve energy efficiency.  Smaller sums may be offered as grants, which do not need to be repaid. Larger amounts are available as interest-free loans which are secured against the property. These only need to be repaid when the property is sold or there is a change in ownership.

Winter resilience service

This is a free service to carry out quick and simple jobs up to a value of £400 to tackle immediate problems associated with the onset of winter.  It covers measures such as minor structural and heating repairs, unsafe pathways, insulation and draught-proofing. The work will be done by the council's chosen contractors at no cost to the householder.  A contribution of up to 50% towards the cost of servicing a boiler can also be included.

Emergency Safety and Security grant

This is a grant of up to £500 to make a property secure or for emergency works, for example after a break-in, storm or fire. It is not payable for damage covered by your home insurance. 

Disabled Gardening grant

This is a grant of up to £300 towards gardening services to help accessibility and prevent crime, for example cutting back hedges that obstruct pathways.

Park Homes grant

This is a grant of up to £3000 for energy efficiency measures and to remedy serious risks to health and safety in park homes. The grant is means-tested but if you receive an income-related benefit you will automatically qualify for it.

Winter resilience loan 

This is a loan of up to £5000 to pay for energy efficiency measures such as insulation, central heating boilers, radiators or storage heaters. Additional funding may be available from energy companies and applicants will be expected to take advantage of this first.

Home repairs loan

This is an interest-free loan of up to £5000 towards essential repairs and to remedy serious risks to health and safety in your home. This could include things like repairs to roofs, chimneys or drains; dangerous stairs or trip hazards; inadequate heating or bathrooms; unsafe electrics and serious fire risks.

Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG)

You could get a grant from us if you're disabled and need to make changes to your home. Find out more about Disabled facilities grants.

Empty Homes loans

The Empty homes page provides information on loans for refurbishing long-term empty properties.